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A-Z Of Mother's Day

Mother's Day Poems: A-Z Of Mother's Day"A-Z Of Mother's Day" is a unique collection of original poems that were written especially for Mother's Day.

So, why write a book of short Mother's Day poems?

Firstly, you've probably been been buying your mother a present for Mother's Day for many years now. You may resort, each year, to flowers, chocolates, or maybe even a year out. And while your mum appreciates these gifts, don't you think it's time you bought her something unusual, something she can treasure for ever?

And secondly, we know that many children, especially sons, might find it hard to put into words what their mother means to them, so we've lent a helping hand by writing this little book, which focuses on many of the different qualities that the world's best mothers bring to their demanding role.

The good news is, we have a solution for you that addresses both of these issues!

As the title of this book suggests, and as shown in the video above, there is one poem for each letter of the alphabet:

  • A Is For Affectionate
  • B Is For Bewitching
  • C Is For Creativity
  • D Is For Daffodil
  • E Is For Empathetic
  • F Is For Fabulous
  • G Is For Generous
  • H Is For Humorous
  • I Is For Incomparable
  • J Is For Jelly Donut
  • K Is For Kindness
  • L Is For Ladylike
  • M Is For Mother'S Day
  • N Is For No-Nonsense
  • O Is For One Of A Kind
  • P Is For Positive
  • Q Is For Queen Of The Home
  • R Is For Reliable
  • S Is For Supportive
  • T Is For Telepathic
  • U Is For Unwavering
  • V Is For Virtuous
  • W Is For Well-Mannered
  • X Is For X-Ray Vision
  • Y Is For Youthful
  • Z Is For Zillions

"I really enjoyed the poems - they were fun, silly and personable. They were just what some mothers need on Mother's Day. They brought a smile to my face."

Julie, Louisiana


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Ready For A Sample Poem?

"Y Is For Youthful" is just one of the 26 short Mother's Day poems in this original and lovingly-crafted collection for mums everywhere:

You always have so many things on your plate
One thing after another, from morn 'til late
Up at the crack of dawn, in bed at midnight
That's too much for one person, it's just not right
However, there's something I really don't get
For years I've pondered - I can't fathom it yet
Unless you've got some form of magic potion
Looking so young and aging in slow-motion

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A-Z Of Mother's Day is an ideal gift for your mother, particularly for Mother's Day of course, but why restrict it to just one day a year? Why not surprise your mum at any time of year with a book that tells her just how much she means to you?

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